Over the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on this wicked Holden GTS for a very good customer of ours. He came to us with wanting more out of the already installed Walkinshaw Supercharger as it was feeling somewhat underwhelming.

We talked over his goals for the car which revealed that he is wanting to keep a comfortable daily driver, an aggressive yet not over the top growl for the street but can show up to a drag strip and be confident that he can still drive it home afterwards.

From here we started with a base run on our in-house dyno to make sure that the vehicle was healthy and figure out our starting point.

The figures came back at 357rwKW // 806Nm Torque.

Certainly not an ‘Underwhelming’ combination of numbers for your average Joe in their daily driver but here at CTB, we and our customers aim for an exhilarating driving experience that leaves you wanting more.

Now comes the fun part.

With the goal of ‘POWER’ (Insert Jeremy Clarkson voice clip here) in mind, the motor was pulled apart and a collection of Street Fighter upgrades were installed along side various other supporting mods to minimise the risk of fuel or heat issues.

How we were going to reach our goal👇

  • Street Fighter LSA Stage Two Cam shaft package
  • Street Fighter Ceramic coated headers 2” primary into 3.5”
  • Street Fighter 1000cc injectors
  • VCM supercharger snout and OTR
  • Interchiller LSA blower and manifold spacers with Thermal blanket
  • 108mm throttle body
  • 18% OD balancer
  • Tuned with HP tuners

Now here we are at the end our our project with everything back together and the final power run completed.
The verdict is in.

Final figures of 480rwKW // 1100Nm Torque

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