Forced Induction Interchillers - 12L VE/VF Reservoir
Forced Induction Interchillers - 12L VE/VF Reservoir

Forced Induction Interchillers - 12L VE/VF Reservoir

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Every supercharged car with or without an interchiller will benefit from increasing the coolant capacity.
Our reservoir is 12L in size. When combined with our interchiller will provide lower intake temperatures when at wide open throttle.
The idea behind increasing the coolant capacity especially in a racing situation is such that if your coolant is as an example at 0c (32f) during the whole race you have enough volume to be passing 0c (32f) coolant through your supercharger for the entire duration of the race, this will keep the intake temps as low as possible.

The reservoir is suited to VE-VF Holden, HSV and Vauxhall it mounts very stealthy in the engine bay hidden in the passenger outside air entry box and cannot be seen once installed and the plastic shroud is reinstalled.


We have shaped the reservoir to take the shape of the car to gain as much coolant volume as possible, over a ¼ mile drag race we have seen intake temperatures reduced by 10-20c (18-36f) it also greatly reduces cool down time when drag racing as the supercharger isn’t able to completely heat up the coolant and the same for circuit racing.


During dyno testing of our interchiller we were able to see that when we switched off our interchiller we were able to complete 6-7 back to back dyno runs before the intercooler fluid levelled out to a normal non interchilled temperature.
During highway testing we noted it took 12-15min with the chiller turned off for intake temperatures to return to normal. As can be seen by these results the intercoolers system is highly improved.