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Mountune IC2 Alloy Intercooler Upgrade [Mk4 Focus ST]

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Mountune IC2 Alloy Intercooler Upgrade [Mk4 Focus ST]

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The mountune high-performance IC2 alloy intercooler upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST helps reduce air charge temperature and increase performance, all in a convenient and easy bolt-on solution.

The OE intercooler is efficient at cooling charge air, but when temperatures exceed certain thresholds - particularly with increased boost pressure, or when used in hot climates, the intercooler can quickly become overwhelmed and the ECU will de-rate for protection, which in-turn reduces engine performance.

The mountune IC2 intercooler neatly integrates with the standard charge pipe routing and uses a custom air-guide mounted to a cold air scoop found natively on the standard under-tray to direct a constant feed of cool air through the core.

In testing, a substantial temperature reduction was achieved (up to 40%) before it reached the OE intercooler, allowing it to continue operating within its efficiency window, even in warmer climates, or with substantially increased power and torque outputs.

When replacing the OE intercooler with other aftermarket options, not only is the performance gain minimal due to the packaging constraints, substantial areas of the cooling pack also need to be cut away and as a result, labour costs can be substantial due to the time involved.

Conversely - and unlike any other options available on the market, the mountune IC2 intercooler does not require any cutting or permanent modifications to your vehicle and can be easily installed in minutes.

Suitable for use in manual vehicles at all stages of tune, including standard, but recommended for use with m330 and m365 performance upgrades for maximum, maintainable performance in all environments.


  • IC2 high-performance alloy intercooler
  • Billet intercooler fitting adaptor
  • Silicone boost hoses
  • 3D Printed custom air deflector guide
  • Stainless hose clips and mounting hardware

Please note: Not compatible with automatic transmission models.

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