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Holden Colorado 7/Trailblazer Custom Tune

Holden Colorado 7/Trailblazer Custom Tune

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The CTB/StreetFighter performance tune is the perfect way to maximise the potential of your vehicle, whether it is stock or heavily modified.
We take your individual vehicle, carefully and systematically tune on our chassis dyno to achieve the very best power, performance and driveability for your 4WD or SUV.
The StreetFighter performance flash tune is the perfect way to get the extra potential out of your factory delivered vehicle, providing power and torque throughout the rev range where you need it. This is great for towing, off-roading and even for daily driving around town.
The extra advantage is that as you improve your engine?s tune, the fuel economy also improves.
Extra power, performance and improved fuel economy.

Tech Specs & Results Tune only (modified vehicles will have diffrent power & Torque results):

Engine 2.5 L Duramax
Displacement 3198
Cylinders 4
Max Power Before @ RPM 147 kW
Max Torque Before @ RPM 500 Nm
Max Power After @ RPM 168 kW
Max Torque After @ RPM 610 Nm
Power Increase (Percentage) 21 kW (14%)
Torque Increase (Percentage) 100 (20%)