Stage 2

Gen-F HSV LSA 6.2L / Increase to 510kw/915nm

StreetFighter power packages are designed to increase your new or used Gen-F HSV LSA Commodores power, performance and sound to a new level.  We utilise the highest quality stainless steel performance exhaust systems, OEM styled air intake systems and customised computer reprogramming on each and every StreetFighter power package.

There are six stages we can increase performance progressively in your Gen-F HSV LSA. With this level of customisation, we have a package that suits your desired power levels.  Streetfighter take the factory delivered vehicle and individually customise it to the perfect level of power, performance and fuel economy to suit your individual requirements.

StreetFighter can also offer the StreetFighter Limited Driveline Warranty on vehicles less than 3 years old. Contact us for further warranty details.



Streetfighter High Flow Air Intake System (enclosed)
StreetFighter Supercharger 65mm Pulley / Belt
Streetfighter Custom Dyno Performance Tune
Fitment Labour / Before and after Dyno Graph

$3,470 incl GST

Above base vehicle