Ford Performance

For more than 35 years Ford Performance Parts has been producing and developing performance parts with enthusiasts in mind. Whether you are building from the ground up or working to get that extra tenth of a second, Ford Performance delivers the products you need. We’re proud to offer crate engines and performance components that are designed and engineered to rigorous Ford Performance standards. They have earned their right to wear the Ford Oval.

More than 115 years have passed since Henry Ford’s innovative ceramic spark insulation helped him win that pivotal race in 1901. The world has changed, but in the car business, performance still is a vital ingredient, and always will be. Today’s Ford Performance Parts operations had modest beginnings when Ford Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) was launched in 1981. Over time, the range of parts offerings widened and grew, as did advances in engineering methods, materials and technologies. The performance enthusiast’s “must-have” equipment list changed and grew. Items like MAF sensors and control packs began appearing in the performance parts catalogs. Today, you can “personalize” almost any aspect of your Ford vehicle with our wide-ranging lineup. There is everything from nuts, bolts and gaskets to superchargers, calibration tools, crate engines and turn-key race cars. Only a major OEM can apply the engineering knowledge and resources that go into making these performance parts. Also, Ford Performance engineers are enthusiasts, gear-heads and racers. They know what it takes to produce a winning combination, and have the experience, skills and assets to do it right. Another big advantage is Ford Performance’s collaboration with the mainstream vehicle engineering teams. The engineers tap into all that data and knowledge then they apply development and testing processes on the high-performance parts and vehicles. The result: Products developed, tested and engineered to rigorous Ford Performance standards, which gives you the performance, reliability and durability that adds up to tremendous value.