Mountune MP215

Once upgraded, power increases to 169kW whilst torque is raised to 340Nm

CTB Performance brings New Zealand the Mountune Performance MP215 upgrade.  This package offers Fiesta ST owners the chance to upgrade to a genuine 158kW and 320Nm experience.



Low-loss dual-entry airbox with secondary feed
Mountune high-flow panel filter
CTB Instaltion and Dyno Run\
CTB limited driveline warranty


$2,000 incl GST
Above base vehicle


Please note: Installing the MR230 calibration without the correct hardware list above may result in failure to make the quoted power / torque figures, abnormal running, detrimental fuel consumption or engine warning light illumination or in extreme circumstances, damage and / or failure to the engine. In any such instance no warranty is offered or implied by mountune.

mTune features:

ECU performance calibration transfer
NEW! Anti-theft mode
In-field calibration updates
0-60 times
¼ mile times
Monitor 6 OBD channels 
Adjustable shift light
Full data logging
DTC reading / clearing
Soft touch rear case
LCD screen
Lanyard pin
Removable faceplates
Ambient light sensor