Mountune M400

Once upgraded, power increases to 280kW whilst torque is raised to 530Nm

CTB Performance brings New Zealand the Mountune M400 power upgrade.  This package fully optimises the potent performance available from the 2.3-litre EcoBoost, whilst running a standard turbo.

Utilising a selection of fully proven Mountune hardware - some of which endorsed by Ford themselves, to help lower charge temperatures, improve pressure drops and remove back-pressure, means the engine is now able to operate more efficiency, allowing the impressive peak 295kW and 560Nm power and torque output to be more safely, and reliably achieved.

As with all Mountune power upgrade kits, M400 is available as a complete power upgrade from standard, but equally continues the modular approach, allowing owners to add the required hardware in stages, before culminating in what’s undoubtedly the most well-rounded performance upgrade available, that retains the standard turbocharger.

From both years and hundred’s of thousands of miles of product development and durability testing of the RS-spec 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, Mountune's knowledgebase is unequalled regarding the engine and also, the calibrations strengths and limitations. 

It’s from this rich test bed of data that m400 has been formed, pushing the envelope of performance as far as possible. Upgrading hardware that would otherwise be beyond its safe operating point to ensure maintainable, repeatable performance and calibrating to retain the maximum possible drivability, and ultimately, reliability. 

Like previous RS releases, the m400 mTune also includes an anti-theft mode and dyno mode, to disable/enable the RDU (Rear Drive Unit) for easy dyno testing, directly from the handset.



High-flow induction kit
Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC)
Uprated turbo re-circ valve
High-flow hard pipe
High-performance alloy intercooler
3" downpipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
3" V3 cat-back exhaust
mTune handset with m400 calibration
Two Mountune badges
CTB Instaltion and Dyno Run
$8,710 incl GST
Above base vehicle

mTune features:

ECU performance calibration transfer
NEW! Anti-theft mode
In-field calibration updates
0-60 times
¼ mile times
Monitor 6 OBD channels 
Adjustable shift light
Full data logging
DTC reading / clearing
Soft touch rear case
LCD screen
Lanyard pin
Removable faceplates
Ambient light sensor


Mountune highly recommend the installation of forged pistons and uprated conrods when upgrading to M400, or beyond this power/torque output strating from $7000 drive away.