Mountune MP380

Once upgraded, power increases to 280kW whilst torque is raised to 530Nm

CTB Performance brings New Zealand the Mountune M380 power upgrade.  This package utilises the Mountune induction kit, turbo re-circ valve, Sound Supression Chamber (SSC) and our mTune handset. Power is boosted to 280kW from 257kW, whilst torque is increased from 470Nm to 530Nm (on overboost), which is enough to deliver a sub-4.5 second dash to 62mph!

In addition to the M380 calibration, the mTune handset also is supplied with two additional calibrations with bespoke audible optimisation of the Mountune exhaust system

An anti-theft mode has also been included.

In addition to the mTune, this performance kit also includes a mountune high-flow induction kit, uprated re-circulating valve, Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC) and two Mountune badges.



Mountune induction kit
Mountune turbo re-circ valve
Sound Supression Chamber (SSC)
mTune handset
CTB Instaltion and Dyno Run
CTB limited driveline warranty


$2,710 incl GST
Above base vehicle


mTune features:

ECU performance calibration transfer
NEW! Anti-theft mode
In-field calibration updates
0-60 times
¼ mile times
Monitor 6 OBD channels 
Adjustable shift light
Full data logging
DTC reading / clearing
Soft touch rear case
LCD screen
Lanyard pin
Removable faceplates
Ambient light sensor