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Motul 300V Comp 5W50 2L

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Motul 300V Comp 5W50 2L

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100% ESTER Core® Synthetic Technology lubricant specifically designed for all racing, tuned engines and high performance cars operating over a wide range of rpm and temperatures, in severe driving conditions, naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged fitted with injection (direct/indirect) or carburetted. Suitable for all types of fuels, gasoline, Diesel and biofuels (especially Ethanol). Above existing standards. The 300V Line includes the latest evolutions of MOTUL’s proprietary ESTER Core® Technology to ensure maximum engine power output without compromising reliability and wear protection.

MOTUL has created a perfect synergy formula to increase performance and protection of the engine selecting esters over other high performance synthetic and organic base stocks and combining them with an innovative additive package. This exclusive Racing formulation now features biofuels (especially Ethanol) and particulate filter compatibility, LSPI protection and lowers environmental impact.

Esters are polar molecules hence are attracted to metallic surfaces. ESTER Core® Technology features optimized polarity for maximal adherence of the oil film to increase engine protection, reliability and driveability, even in most extreme conditions. Used only in the 300V range, this exclusive technology guarantees you more: - Maximum power output: Friction reduction for maximum power and torque at all rpm - Reliability: High shear stability for maximal oil film resistance to reduced engine wear - Life: Increased oxidation resistance for longer engine & oil life duration - Driveability: Maximal polar adherence of the oil film for rapid engine rpm response - Easy start: Fast oil pressure build-up and optimal oil flow - Reduced oil consumption: Low oil volatility and evaporation helps to control oil consumption - Detergency: High detergency performance allows better engine cleanliness - Driving comfort: Lower friction level brings engine noise reduction in all driving modes.

This racing formulation 300V with exclusive ESTER Core® Technology features biofuels and particulate filter compatibility and LSPI protection. - Biofuels: Compatible with alcohol-based fuels, especially Ethanol (up to E85) - LPSI protection: Compatible with downsized engines subjected to Low Speed Pre-Ignition issues - Particulate filter: Compatible with particulate filter requiring reduced SAPS

  • Application: ENGINE OIL,RACING
  • Engine Type: PETROL,DIESEL
  • Quality: 100% SYNTHETIC ESTER CORE
  • Viscosity: 5W50
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