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DOD Delete Kit (L76/L77)


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DOD Delete Kit (L76/L77)

$1,377.00 NZD

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Still running the factory DOD/AFM setup? With VCM's DOD delete kit you can do away with the unreliable DOD lifters and setup. Whether you're wanting to keep it running just like the day you picked up your car with the option of an L98 Camshaft* or just as a kit ready for you to slot in an aftermarket camshaft, this kit will have you sorted!

Supplied with GM Head Gaskets, GM Lifter buckets and bolts, GM L98 Valley plate, Heavy Duty replacement lifters, all with the option of GM Head Bolts, ARP Head Bolts and now ARP Head Studs.

*Engine will not run correctly when installing this kit with the standard L76/L77 Camshaft. Replacement to either the L98 or an aftermarket camshaft is recommended.
**It is recommended to also adjust the ECU calibration accordingly (Disable AFM)

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