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Streetfighter Oil breathers (pair)
Streetfighter Oil breathers (pair)

Streetfighter Oil breathers (pair)

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Streetfighter Oil breathers (pair)

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The StreetFighter oil separators, for the FG – FGX XR8 Coyote V8 have been designed specifically to reduce the amount of oil buildup in the manifold and plenum areas.

This oil contaminates the incoming air bringing oil into the combustion chamber. The results of this are oil usage and contaminated air/fuel mixtures. If Supercharged and intercooled this oil builds up around the heat exchanger fins and tanks, causing less cooling efficiency for the incoming air.

The separators are easily fitted in line with the engine breathing system. The oil is caught in the separator filters rather than contaminating the intake and air-fuel mixture with unwanted oil.

When the engine is not running the oil caught in the filters drains back down into the sump rather than the manifold. This keeps the intake system and intercooler clean which means less oil usage so that the intake and intercooler are always working at their best.

We have manufactured our StreetFighter breathers out of billet aluminium, with an OEM style finish, and utilise high-quality washable filters to ensure lifetime reliability, all Australian made

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