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Mountune Clubsport V2 6-pot 380mm Big Brake Upgrade [Mk3 Focus RS]


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Mountune Clubsport V2 6-pot 380mm Big Brake Upgrade [Mk3 Focus RS]

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Forming a key component of the mountune Clubsport range for the Mk3 Focus RS is our V2 bespoke brake upgrade consisting of 6-piston T-6066 forged monobloc calipers and a grooved 380x34mm FH25 cast carbon steel disc-bell assembly.

This brake upgrade has been designed specifically for the Mk3 Focus RS based on owner's likely usage, performance requirements, aesthetics, and with optimal pedal modulation in mind - it also fits under the mountune Legerra HLT wheel option without the need for spacers and thanks to its narrower body design over our V1 caliper, also packages behind a larger number of aftermarket wheels without the need for spacers.

For customers using their car predominantly on the road, or with light track work our premium Clubsport upgrade delivers everything you could ever want in terms of road-going braking performance, weight-saving and impressive aesthetics.

For those serious about track days, our Clubsport PRO iteration takes things one step further, replacing the pistons with Titanium versions, deleting the dust seal and being supplied as standard with our high-performance track compound Clubsport pad.

Thanks to use of these premium grade materials, the Clubsport PRO kit is able to withstand even higher temperatures, providing you with extended fade-free performance, lap-after-lap.

The end result is one of the only truly vehicle and usage-specific braking solutions available to offer all of the above whilst delivering the ultimate in performance, quality and reliability.

This kit is supplied with all of the hardware required to install straight out of the box, including pads, brackets, fitting hardware, front and rear braided brake lines and brake fluid.

Everything you need to easily install the mountune V2 Clubsport, or Clubsport PRO Big Brake Upgrade.

• 2x Forged T-6066 monobloc 6-piston calipers
• 2x 380x34mm grooved disc/bell assemblies
- (matches mountune grooved rear disc upgrade)
• 2x caliper brackets and mounting hardware
• Front and rear braided brake lines
• mountune fast-road brake pads (readily available pad profile)
• mountune Clubsport brake pad supplied as standard with PRO variants (readily available pad profile)
• Liquimoly high-performance brake fluid
• Clubsport badge

Note:The mountune Clubsport brake upgrade fits behind mountune Clubsport wheels without spacers. Vehicles running OE wheels will require a minimum 10mm wheel spacer for clearance.

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