Mountune mTune SMARTflash m380 / M400R / 400X [Mk3 Focus RS]

SKU: 2536-SF400-AA


The mountune m380, m400r and m400x provides includes three performance calibration solutions for owners of Mk3 Focus RS looking for an ultra-convenient performance upgrade solution for their potent 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, safely raising their power and torque output; improving performance and drivability, whilst adding a host of functionality, unique to mountune.

As with all mountune upgrades, all three of the performance calibrations have been through our own stringent durability testing criteria, which included additional months of in-cylinder pressure monitoring to ensure engine robustness, whilst retaining all safety parameters, so you can have complete peace of mind. This upgrade is also supplied complete with a standard calibration too.

The mTune SMARTflash app allows you to easily DIY install and update calibrations to your ECU using nothing more than our app, the supplied Bluetooth OBD interface and your Smartphone; no laptop, no wires, no handsets, no problem!

Once you've selected one of the three performance calibrations and installed it from the SMARTflash app, you'll be able to switch between the regular version and the + version of that calibration by pressing and holding the 'cancel' button on the steering wheel.

With any of the calibrations installed, you'll also be able to adjust the torque output in preset incremental torque demands using the plus and minus buttons on the steering wheel.

The latest version of SMARTflash also provides additional functionality, such as: adjustable launch control, fully configurable gauge displays using the OBD data-stream, comprehensive data-logging and a built-in performance meter, too.


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